City of Cape May Fire Department

The City of Cape May Fire Department Station 51 is a combination department consisting of career and volunteer personnel. We provide the fire and technical rescue protection at all incidents in the City of Cape May.  We also provide the first due engine company for the entire island which includes sections of Lower Township and are also the Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC) for Town Bank VFC Station 61 and Erma VFC Station 62 in Lower Township.

The career staff are all members of IAFF Local 3495. We also provide emergency medical services for Cape May, West Cape May and Cape May Point. The volunteer members are called to duty on all box fire alarms and when an additional ambulance is requested, stretching the career staff to capacity.

The City of Cape May Fire Department protects the city with four BLS ambulances, two engines, a tower ladder, a Mack rescue truck, an F250 utility 4x4, a chief's vehicle, and a sixteen foot aluminum boat for floods, marina fires, or water rescue assignments. The U.S. Coast Guard Fire Department Station 59 is dispatched on all first alarm assignments along with West Cape May VFC Station 57. Second alarm requests are staffed by Townbank VFC Station 61, Erma VFC Station 62, Villas VFD Station 60 or special equipment requests as needed.

The residents and visitors of the city are alerted to an emergency with the sound of the Gamewell Diaphone that sounds when a box alarm is sounded. The career personnel on duty activate the Gamewell Diaphone from the station house before responding. The code the Gamewell Diaphone sounds is to indicate where the old pull stations were located throughout the city to give the vicinity of the incident. The Gamewell Diaphone has been in use by the CMFD since the 1920's.